About Me


I’m an Indian chef and entrepreneur living in London. Born and raised in India but been calling London my home since 2005. Over the years, I’ve witnessed the love British have for Indian food, yet the perception often revolves around the dishes served in local takeaways, overshadowing the fresh, nutritious, and diverse meals enjoyed daily in Indian homes. 

So, I founded ‘Meri Rasoi’ cooking school in 2011. In Hindi, a Rasoi means more than just a kitchen, it’s a place where generations pass down recipes and techniques. In my classes, you’ll experience the joy of blending spices, discovering regional ingredients, and mastering techniques that make Indian cooking a magical experience.
Having grown up in an armed forces family, I was exposed to diverse Indian flavours. Little did I know that this culinary journey would become my life’s passion. After a career in marketing in the UK, I took a leap to pursue my love for food.

But that’s not all! In 2019, my husband and I co-founded COOKAWAY, the UK’s first immersive world food recipe kit brand. With passionate chefs, we bring global flavours to your kitchen, making every meal a journey. There is a selection of my Indian menus too that you can order for home delivery in mainland UK.

My cooking classes are a celebration of Indian home cooking and I look forward to sharing my love for Indian food with you.

Nidhi xx